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Buffets - Banquet Menu
West Warwick

Buffet #1


Includes a choice of: 
-1 Salad
Salad Options:
*Mixed Green

-1 Pasta
Pasta Options:
*Penne, Farfalle, Rigatoni, Cut Ziti, Cavatelli, or Tortellini

-1 Protein
Protein Options:
*Fresh Cod: NY Style, Picatta, Francese, or Italiano
*Chicken: Marsala, Picatta, Francese, Parmigiano, Milanese
*Sausage: with peppers and onions
*Meatballs: housemade with veal, pork, and beef in pomodoro sauce
*Veal: Parmigiano, Marsala, or Milanese +$5
*Fresh Salmon"Grilled with Lemon Butter Thyme +$6
*Ham: BaKed honey ham with pineapple +$4
*Prime Rib: Beef with au jus +$ Market Price

-1 Potato
Potato Options
*Roasted Potato
*Garlic Mashed Potato

-1 Vegetable
*Green Beans any style: 
-Grilled or Roasted
*Steamed Broccoli: Aglio Olio
Broccoli Rabe: Aglio Olio +$2
*Eggplant PArmigiano +$4
*Eggplant Rolatine: with ricotta and mozzarella +$5